Concrete Buggy Services & Rentals

Concrete Buggy Services & Rentals

concrete-buggyMobile Mix Concrete is all about simplifying time consuming concrete construction projects. That's why we offer concrete buggy services to help our customers perform their smaller job in the most efficient manner.

Concrete buggies (or Georgia buggies) are a small job pump alternative where we bring the buggy and operate it for you. We bring the buggy to the job site, run the buggy, clean, refuel and return with the buggy ourselves to save our customers additional time, cost, and potential headaches. Since we run buggies every day, we are much more efficient unloading concrete trucks and are able to complete the jobs much faster than they could be done otherwise.

Concrete Buggy Benefits:

  • Cost effective & saves money
  • Completes jobs faster
  • Reduces waste
  • Hard to reach areas
  • Adverse and difficult terrain
  • Residential and commercial

Concrete buggies are basically powered wheelbarrows that the operator rides on to transport concrete from the concrete truck to the job site. Our customers can use a concrete buggy for jobs where a concrete truck cannot access the location (like a backyard patio or footer). When you rent a concrete buggy from an equipment rental company, you will need to have a truck and trailer to pick up the machine. You are responsible for the fuel, cleaning, operating, and returning the machine. It typically costs around $200 per day to rent, not to mention the extra cost for materials and gas. Additionally, there are different types of concrete buggies that may have constraints with the steering mechanism making the buggies difficult to maneuver and sometimes causing damage to the grounds/grass.

Concrete buggies can provide a great cost saving alternative to pumps on small jobs. They are most suited for jobs with two trucks or less, otherwise a concrete pump would be more efficient.

I hope this gives you a basic understanding of what our concrete buggy services have to offer. Check out our project galleries for more information. Contact us to schedule a buggy or discuss your project today.